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      The idea of building this cathedral comes out for many years
ago before the project was started.

The whole study started as an Academic study and took a year and
a half to be finished that was in the department of architectural
engineering in Baghdad, and presented by me. The academic
project was bigger and more complicated than what is now. The
project supervisor was Janan Jubrail Khammo, and considered as a
first academic project presented by an architect student all over the
Iraqi universities, how designed and presented totally on computers
       In this occasion, I gladly give my thanks and respect to the fathers:
      - Father Stephan Rabban.
      - Father Dr. Poul Rabban.
      - Father Dr. Yousef Toma.
I appreciate their help and support in the historical side, religious matters, and for
providing me with a lot of informations how depended my academic study on.
      The actual studies and designs started in the middle of the
year 1995. And in the year 1996, I presented these designs to the
church comity, the bishop Andraus Sana, and the presence of his
consults :
Mr. Nazih Sarafian/ B.Sc. Architect, Mr. Nadim Sarafian/ B.Sc. Civil
engineer, Mr. Maher Abdulahad/ M.Sc. Architect, Mr. Toma Abbo/

The building of the project started at the beginning of June 1997
and it take 3 years to be completed.
The First Design
 The Last Design

    The Kirkuk Cathedral
The desined front elevation